Sunday, January 08, 2006


AVN award nominee for 'Hottest Xerox of 2005'.

From the very sexy funny Dirtfarm which somehow manages to be both embarassingly vulgar yet wholesome enough for the whole family. You should buy ben's stuff.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Yes, SALE!!! But are they cheap? Perhaps now I can finally afford a fine garmet that will honor my dead ancestors averted eyes. Their deaths, however, were actually quite useless.

Via a better blog: Bill Gates mentions Street Fighter II

Better blog RetroGaming with racketboy tells tales of Street Fighter II Coming to XBox Live Arcade, and for some reason i feel compelled to pass it on here.
Gates said that one of Capcom's most popular old-school arcade titles, Street Fighter II, will be available via Xbox Live Marketplace later in the year.
That's so stupid it makes me want to pee in a hat.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Dear Hounoured Brothers of the Seventh Pillar of Slorm,

Yes gentlemen, indeed I do have one final issue I cannot in good faith let wait to be brought before the council of Azmogoth. Truly I feel I cannot put stress upon this point with sufficient strength:
Please, before making any plans, trivial as they may be, please be sure to first check against
The Grand Master's Itinerary for any possible scheduling conflicts. We all know what a fucking dick he can be about that sort of shit.

In Scared Screed this day of Molook,
Mortimer P. Frumpybuttons
First Asst. Secretary of peeing into brown hats.


<--- Look at that shit. How cool is that, huh? That boombox is just like orbiting the earth in the most chill, who-gives-a-fuck, lazy-sunday-morning type trajectory. Damn, I don't even think that thing is ON! If it is, it's probobly bumpin' something by War, or maybe that 'White Horse' jammy from bakinnaday.

Since I found that pic at The Boombox Museum, I am a better person.

New Stiks™ on Byrdo's site.

The only possible explanation is that Byrdo is simply a vessel that god works through. I'm not sure why god would need so many fucking rad joysticks, but shit, tell me this thing didn't just fall out of heaven's rumpus room.

Somewhere sitting atop a shining golden throne, some dude is totally owning on SF2 with this blessed weapon of Gods vengance. If this dude is not named Jesus H. Christ, I just found a new motherfucker to accept as my personal lord 'n' savior.

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