Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wow, I think I'll get 2!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Virtual crap so lame you'll swear it's really dumb!

O'Reilly -- Inside Animusic's Astonishing Computer Music Videos:
"Scientists say they've gotten new ideas as they watched Lytle's music animations, while elementary school children who had never shown an interest in drawing suddenly fill walls with Animusic pictures. My 76-year-old mother, who recoils from all things digital, was mesmerized by the 'Pogo Sticks' and 'Resonant Chamber' animations on the Animusic 2 DVD."

I can’t speak for the scientists/children/elderly mothers of the world, but my reaction to (*ugh*) Animusic was to fill my mouth with used aluminum foil, spray WD-40 directly into my eyes, dry hump a cheese grater, and then fire a revolver into my PC monitor.
I hate this sort of crap. The only value CG video comps like this have ever had is to showcase what shitty videogames will look like in two years. Computer animators of the world, until your primary goal (perfectly rendered boobs) has been accomplished, please go away and leave the tech demos to bored European teenagers. No offence to the demo scenesters. Check this out. That was probably made on an Gameboy running Linux or something. These Animusic guys should be planting tender kisses on Xplsv's rump instead of trying to make babies drool for $19.95 a pop. Fuh.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I AM 8 BIT 2006 (too bad it's in LA)

I AM 8 BIT (official(flash(web(site)))

Tim Biskup's Mega Man @ Gameinformer

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