Wednesday, December 14, 2005

via a better blog: Young person does dumb thing.

Better blog Boing Boing linked to: Bad-ass Brass Knuckle Implants

In my ten-plus years of web surfing I have found that if a topic on a blog/forum has generated more comments than a person cares to read, he can scroll directly to the last one and it will, without fail, sum up the discussion perfectly. The rule goes unbroken here. Being linked by BB caused the proverbial shit-storm of comments on the page in question. The opinions voiced ran the gamut from, "you people are fucking sick" to, "knuckles are for punching". There was much mention of something called a "straight edge". However, I think the final comment* really brings it home:
12-14-2005 00:17:30
If I ever saw a girl this dumb I'd come flying across the room and punch her in the chest as hard as I could, just so that shit would all pop and she would (hopefuly) die from the infect all that burst silicione would give her and never reproduce.
Projectile vomiting right now!
This comment forum is now closed.
*Posted with the author's permission. **
**Just kidding.

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