Wednesday, November 30, 2005

blog-pile: Stuff On Fire

Stuff On Fire is, without a doubt, the shit. The style reminds me of something like Mister Pants five years ago. It’s not really ‘about’ anything, but it feels way more focused than 95% of all the regular weblogs out there.

No reason for you not to just go ahead and bookmark it right now, but i feel compelled to write some flowery bullshit. Check it:

Matt Norwood is no sweater wearing pink-boy. No, an adventurer is he. A haggard old sea captain perhaps, taking you on a stomach-turning tour 'round the perilous Horn of Stupid off the coast of Mongoloid Isle. You travel with sound mind however, as Norwood has sailed these black waters on near 12 score years (as the crow flies). He shares tales of the wide-eyed explorers who journeyed before, only to discover their graves. Their big, dumb, wet graves.

You know actually, I guess he's some sort of weird cowboy or something.

I think you've done a good job in describing ole Norwood Matt, as he likes to be called. I just might add a few more adjectives such as crusty and ornery.

But he is brilliant and I think the blogsphere has been the outlet he's long needed. Just to think it was a short 6 months ago I found him chasing cars in the parking lot.
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